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My background

Welcome to my portfolio website! I’m an illustrator, artist and designer, who works as digitally as in traditional media.
Through my career I created different artworks for publishers (Children’s and Adult) and for advertising and promotional purposes (lightshow projection, posters, logo’s, corporate illustrations, infographics and more).
My artworks had been featured in such editions and magazines as “Illustration Magazine”(UK), Lürzer’s Best series (“200 Best Illustrators Worldwide”), Publish(NL), Printbuyer(NL), BNO Vormberichten(NL), Creative Review(UK), Infographics Magazine(NL), Infographics Book (NL), DZONE(NL), etc.

The clients I’ve worked for are RVU educational broadcasting organization, International Opera Productions, Runner’s World Magazine, PenOActueel Magazine, H/Link Magazine, “Tijdschrift voor Marketing”, FNV Bondgenoten (BK Magazine), Technish Weekblad, Van Dale Uitgevers (Publishers), Zorn Uitgeverij (Publishers), VSM Geneesmiddelen, CanalDigitaal, Waternet, City Hall Hilversum and many others.

Also I created the range of artworks for LightShow festivals. The samples of them you can see here.


E-mail:  turrica@yahoo.com
Mobile:  0628481535