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“For our January issue we planned to make “The Game of The Goose” to surprise and entertain our readers. Irina has made wonderful illustrations for this board game. It looks very fun and dynamic and we are very pleased with the achieved results!”
Olivier Heimel | Editor-in-Chief, Runner’s World Magazine

“We are very content with the illustrations Irina has made for the RVU annual report (jaarverslag) 2009! They are a major contribution to the report. We have had many positive reactions to her illustrations. I am also very happy with our cooperation. She picked up our intentions very well. It was inspiring working with her. I sincerely hope we can work together again in future.”
Drs. R.W.J. (René) Takken, press officer RVU educational broadcasting organization

“For my customer City Hall Deventer I was looking for an illustrator to make a logo illustration devoted to the restoration of Lebuinustoren in Deventer. It was a challenge to combine the historical monument with the modern environment and the spirit of celebration. Irina’s works are of a high quality – stylized, lively, free gesture and contemporary – exactly what we wanted for this project.
Within a short deadline and in a very nice collaboration Irina had made a beautiful logo illustration, which me and my client are very much enthusiastic about!”
Pieter Ellens | Allison grafische vormgeving

“Zorn had the edition of the children’s book “Leren Studeren” for several years. In 2007 we’ve written a modern version of the book. Looking for an illustrator and designer I’ve ended up with Irina. She combines both disciplines in an outstanding manner. In a very short time she knew the right tone for the new edition. The new version of “Leren Studeren” looks perfect and is being sold excellent.”
Ceees Noordegraaf, general director Zorn Uitgeverij (Publisher)

“Irina has been working for P&Oactueel – a magazine for Human Resource Managers in the Netherlands – since march 2009. Each month she makes a small (quarter page) and a large (full page) infographic for our magazine. Personally I’m a great fan of her work because each time Irina finds a way of making complex data synoptically and transparent. Her work is more than a great additive to P&Oactueel.”
Stefan Tibben | Chief Editor

“The commission to show the essense of Homeopathic medicines requires a significant imaginative insight. Sometimes it is about mood, and sometimes – about feeling pain. Irina demonstrated that she can quickly get acquainted with the new material and express the right emotions and feelings in the illustrations. It was very nice to work with her.”
Martje Couwenhoven, Product specialist homeopathy VSM Geneesmiddelen BV

“Irina illustrated Van Dale Sport Dictionaries. Her illustrations make exactly what they supposed to do: functional, in a tough style they clarify and give additional insight to the terms in the mentioned Van Dale Sport dictionaries.”
Ferdi Gildemacher, publisher Van Dale Uitgevers, Utrecht | Antwerpen

“For our Direct Mail campaign that was introducing the new smartcard of Canal Digitaal, Irina has made a series of instructive illustrations. The illustrations were of the top quality, clear and very accurate – exactly what we really wanted!”
Erik Rauch, Direct Marketeer Canal Digitaal