Concept and Design for Content Gordijnen

Concept and Design for Content Gordijnen 2019-08-06T14:35:51+00:00

Project Description

Concept and design for Content Gordijnen. This omni-channel concept combines website, App and in-store tablets in a whole system for a client to order the custom curtains and to be able later to complete the order on any other device. In a store, a customer fills in his name, email, mobile(optional) and configures step by step the custom curtain, using the tablet. In case the customer wants to stop and to check some measurements at home, he could continue the process of ordering later: via website or the App. He also could start ordering the curtains from the App and then continue in a store. The system is flexible and thus gives the possibility to finish the order, leading to buying. The App also could be used for measurements. This concept had been implemented by Hema, Leen Bakker and Content Gordijnen.

Project Details