Caesarea. Great Storytelling brings the place to life!

Caesarea. Great Storytelling brings the place to life!

In Israel you can visit Caesarea – a National Park, where you can see the ruins of an ancient city and a harbor of Roman period. There are an amphitheater, a hippodrome and the ruins of a palace, temple, aqueduct and more.
On a center square there are a museum, lovely shops and cafés. An actor shows how people made glassware in older days.

Inside the museum you can watch the short fiction movie about Caesarea and the king Herod who built it.
It’s a dramatic story about escaping death, betrayal and giving and keeping the promise at all costs.
After watching the movie, all the place and ruins are suddenly filled with bright colors  from that old time.

Caesarea is an impressive place by itself, it’s interesting to walk through the ruins. But after this movie and the emotional colorful story behind it, the place really comes to life. If there was no such a story, the memory about visiting Caesarea would fade with time, but the story makes it sticking in the memory through the emotional connection.

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