NEMO Science museum – an interactive paradise

NEMO Science museum – an interactive paradise

NEMO museum is the most interactive museum, I’ve seen until now. It has several levels covering different scientific areas, from human anatomy to chemistry, physics and cosmology. There is a great variety of interactive games, puzzles, attractions, tests which are very educative and entertaining at the same time. A real scientific paradise for kids and the place to stimulate their curiosity and love to knowledge.

The kids can experiment with water pumping machine. There is a fun mini factory where they can participate, seeing the production process. I the chemical laboratory children can do the tasks seeing chemical effects, playing with water, ice and salt and more. In the cosmology division they can play with planets moving them to the sun and watching how it can influence the planet and its atmosphere.
There are much more things to do. It’s a playful manner to learn.

The museum has a wonderful shop with various games, souvenirs and books for children to develop their skills.
Also the museum has the cafe on the top floor with a very beautiful panoramic view to Amsterdam – a joy for the eyes.

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