Online Exhibition Ideas

With the current situation, when people have to stay home, there are many discussions within the leisure industry about creating online experiences. Here are some ideas for developing online experiences and tours. Different scenarios for virtual tours Offering virtual tours dedicated to various topics, which online guests can choose from depending on their interests. For [...]

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NEMO Science museum – an interactive paradise

NEMO museum is the most interactive museum, I’ve seen until now. It has several levels covering different scientific areas, from human anatomy to chemistry, physics and cosmology. There is a great variety of interactive games, puzzles, attractions, tests which are very educative and entertaining at the same time. A real scientific paradise for kids and [...]

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Body Worlds Museum, Amsterdam

This is a very special museum. You learn about the anatomy of a human body through the prism of such theme as “Happiness”, which, of course, is extremely interesting for people. The museum tells how and why we experience happiness, which chemicals influence our mood and health, and also how we can stimulate the feeling [...]

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Spoorwegen Museum – mix of rich exhibition and attractions

Spoorwegen Museum in Utrecht is one my favourite museums. It’s the ideal combination of a museum and attractions. The museum gives the wide range of different experiences to a visitor. The museum building is very beautiful. There are interesting inside and outside exhibitions featuring the real old trains, different decorations, posters, artefacts, signages and more. It [...]

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Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum in Amsterdam is a celebration of curiosity, the collection of unusual, weird and even shocking things. You will see there the largest insects found ever, a man who turned himself into a Lizardman, the tallest man ever and many other unbelievable things. There the artworks made from pencils, metallic [...]

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CORPUS Reis door de Mens

Recently I’ve visited the museum “CORPUS Reis door de Mens” in Leiden, and until now it’s my favorite museum. It’s a museum-attraction with a very well integrated storyline, consisting of one-hour journey and a large activities zone. The storyline is simple but very fun, where the eaten hamburger plays the role. During the journey you as [...]

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