Online Exhibition Ideas

Online Exhibition Ideas

With the current situation, when people have to stay home, there are many discussions within the leisure industry about creating online experiences.
Here are some ideas for developing online experiences and tours.

Different scenarios for virtual tours
Offering virtual tours dedicated to various topics, which online guests can choose from depending on their interests. For example, if it’s a Historical Museum, it can be a tour about “Democracy in the Ancient World”,  or  “The Mummies of Egypt”,  etc.
Thus the scope can be less overwhelming and more personalized, and a guest can always return to take another tour or storyline.

Audio guide
The presence of an audio guide who tells the story. Or several guides to choose from. A real or a fictitious character. This makes experience more personalized and engaging.

Humor, fun tours and events
Making fun events or tours. For example, why not making a tour in which the masterpieces in a gallery tell different stories of what they’ve been witnessing in a museum while hanging on the walls all the time. Oh, they’ve seen a lot!

Interactive Maps
Using interactive illustrative navigation maps, so that a guest can see an overview of the halls with topics and choose the place he would like to see.

Getting social
Making a social event with online group bookings. Offering an online group visit, gathering people at a certain time with a dedicated tour guide online.  People can see each other at the beginning and
experience the tour together.
There will be possibilities to ask the tour guide questions in real time, give feedback and to communicate. Thus, it will become a social event.

Offering incentives to people and families, like an opportunity of making and uploading their photo’s to be integrated in the exposition display items or decorations.

Interactive experiences
Offering interactive experiences which a leisure facility (a museum or an exhibition center) offers onsite like quizes or games, both educational and entertaining.

Of course, after lockdown, people again will want to go out and visit all the wonderful places: parks, museums, zoos, exhibitions, etc. We go there not just for getting knowledge. For us it’s an event – to go out together, to be in another place, to taste another sphere, feel different, meet people.

Still, some of the online experiences may continue to play an important role:
– to spread greater awareness
– to give a taste of a place for people who want to come and see more
– to give a possibility for people who are unable to visit
– to extend an onsite exhibition with online presence

Irina Grabarnik
Art director / Illustrator / Storyteller

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