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Alita forever!

The recent film “Alita” is so great! Strong characters, scenario and the whole execution. Alita is an amazing character. She has a very strong personality. If she loves, she loves with all her  heart, if she hates she fights to the last. At the beginning of the film, when she wakes up, she looks at the world with poor eyes full of curiosity, tasting an orange and enjoying a chocolate, learning the city and others. She enjoys things here [...]

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CORPUS Reis door de Mens

Recently I’ve visited the museum “CORPUS Reis door de Mens” in Leiden, and until now it’s my favorite museum. It’s a museum-attraction with a very well integrated storyline, consisting of one-hour journey and a large activities zone. The storyline is simple but very fun, where the eaten hamburger plays the role. During the journey you as a visitor is constantly triggered with a feeling “And what’s next...“ expecting surprises, what makes it exciting. Time flies. There are several 4D small [...]

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