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Online Exhibition Ideas

With the current situation, when people have to stay home, there are many discussions within the leisure industry about creating online experiences. Here are some ideas for developing online experiences and tours. Different scenarios for virtual tours Offering virtual tours dedicated to various topics, which online guests can choose from depending on their interests. For example, if it’s a Historical Museum, it can be a tour about “Democracy in the Ancient World”,  or  “The Mummies of Egypt”,  etc. Thus [...]

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Tips for remote work from home

When working remotely. Stay safe, motivated and positive! 1. Keep office rituals, like “Morning Coffee”. 2. Make a daily task list and complete it. 3. Stay connected (phone, video call, etc.). 4. Get dressed, avoid working in pyjama. 5. Have a dedicated comfortable workspace. 6. Avoid distractions during working hours. 7. Make regular breaks (do short exercises). 8. Stay positive, motivated, encourage others. 9. Stick to consistent wake and sleep times. Please feel free to share and use the [...]

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Caesarea. Great Storytelling brings the place to life!

In Israel you can visit Caesarea - a National Park, where you can see the ruins of an ancient city and a harbor of Roman period. There are an amphitheater, a hippodrome and the ruins of a palace, temple, aqueduct and more. On a center square there are a museum, lovely shops and cafés. An actor shows how people made glassware in older days. Inside the museum you can watch the short fiction movie about Caesarea and the king [...]

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Aquarium in Jerusalem – the Undersea Kingdom!

The aquarium in Jerusalem is an amazing place. You see there all kinds l fish, from a shark to a sea horse. The undersea environment with stones and carols is very beautiful. It looks like the kingdom built of colorful stones and corals, reminding castles, towers and gates. The lightning is skillfully done as well. The information, and pictures on the posters and touchscreens subtlety accompany the aquariums. At the beginning of the journey there is an art gallery [...]

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NEMO Science museum – an interactive paradise

NEMO museum is the most interactive museum, I’ve seen until now. It has several levels covering different scientific areas, from human anatomy to chemistry, physics and cosmology. There is a great variety of interactive games, puzzles, attractions, tests which are very educative and entertaining at the same time. A real scientific paradise for kids and the place to stimulate their curiosity and love to knowledge. The kids can experiment with water pumping machine. There is a fun mini factory [...]

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Body Worlds Museum, Amsterdam

This is a very special museum. You learn about the anatomy of a human body through the prism of such theme as “Happiness”, which, of course, is extremely interesting for people. The museum tells how and why we experience happiness, which chemicals influence our mood and health, and also how we can stimulate the feeling of contentment and reduce the level of stress. There are lots of wisdom thoughts, advices and quotations, like: “When you laugh or smile, it [...]

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